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Question: Eurolite fluid on Antari fogger?

Mr. Nobody

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Hello! :)

I've got an Antari x 530 t fogger, and the manual does not advise using any other fluid than Antari. But I've run out of the fluid and now I only have Eurolite P 51 fluid (I think that's What it's called) left. Does anyone know if I can use the eurolite fluid instead of Antari? Is it bad to mix them together?


Fast answer appreciated :) Thank you :)

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All fluid is slightly different and is mixed to suit the operating temperature of the machine.


It will work ... BUT


It might spit fluid out of the front if the glycol concentration is very different to what the machine is expecting

It might damage/clog the heater block (unlikely)

It will invalidate your warranty, if you still have one on the machine

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Okay, but it wouldn't ruin the machine or cause any fires or something?


See my point (2). If this happens then the machine is ruined.

Also see my point (1). If it spits hot fluid out over someone this could be fairly serious. I have personally seen this happen.

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