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MagicQ media woes....


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Hello All,


So, after a bit of fiddling around I can successfully convert media into a CMV file for use on a pixel map. I check the box in Media Center to place the CMV file directly into the Movies folder for use by MagicQ and I can see that my file appears successfully renamed 'movie001-001'


How do I then apply this video to my pixel map? I've assigned a pixel map to the grid and can see it successfully in the media window. I can apply effects and inbuilt shapes without any problems.


While in the Media window, I move encoder 'Y' to 'Media Page 005' there I only see a grid of 'Reserved' spaces. I'm sure there used to be thumbnails and names in here...


When I select the reserved slots, I can see the first frame of some of the existing media (that loads with the software), but it doesn't play. Fiddling with the movie speed and movie direction has no effect. This is happening on MAC version and Windows version


Very frustrating. Is this a bug? I have a show tomorrow and I was hoping to use my new converted .cmv files on an MQ-200 to match some video content.


Also. Once a file has been converted on a PC, how does one put that into a desks media folder? It's very easy on a computer, but how do you load files from a USB device??


Any answers gratefully received. Sam.

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Pics are Page 1 to 4.

Movies are Page 64 to 67


Click on these two areas to skip the unused reserved sections when changing the values if you're using the screen, or click the button by the encoder if you're using a hardware control surface. http://I.imgur.com/ZLPhFSo.png


Also if you click and hold that, it will show up the list of media pages available.

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Amazing, and under that page we also find the 'load movie' soft button!


Woohoo! Thanks Wol http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif


So, I've got a movie playing beautifully(ish) over a grid, but now when I look back at the original source file which is 1.40 long, it rapidly falls out of sync with the .cmv version playing on the Chamsys. The movie speed is set to 128 which one would assume would be the native speed of the file...


I've tried speeding up the movie but it seems the increments are too imprecise to match the video playback exactly.


This will be an issue when it comes to match it up to the VT playback at the gig.


Any Ideas?

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