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Barco CLM HD8 issues

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Hello all!

New to the forum,but long time lurker.

Been having an issue with a Barco CLM HD8 projector.

Seems that occasionally the #3 lamp fails to strike.

It's running the most current firmware,relatively low hours(300) on it, the lamp module has been checked and re-seated & cables checked.

It does throw an error code of:

<err>: (7340070) Handled ERROR - 1023:Lamp 3 is not ON (10 times) (in SHB[203])


Mode_standby_eco(in SHB[203])

IR_INT done(in SHB[203])

Mode_operational(in SHB[203])

I haven't had the projector's power checked under load yet,waiting on an electrician to do that.

Projector Toolset shows the voltage as follows:

Lamp 1: 83v

Lamp 1 Front: 7.88v

Lamp 1 Back: 16.63v

Lamp 2: 85v

Lamp 2 Front: 7.88v

Lamp 2 Back: 16.63v

Lamp 3: 100v

Lamp 3 Front: 7.88v

Lamp 3 Back: 16.63v

Lamp 4: 107v

Lamp 4 Front: 7.88v

Lamp 4 Back: 16.63v

Has anyone seen/experienced this before or know what any of this means?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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