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MAC 250


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Just recently started re-furbishing some MAC 250's and only have one issue remaining. The "4 AT" fuse keeps blowing in one particular MAC without apparent reason. All the looms check out ok and the state of the PCB seems fine.




I have searched the web for possible solutions and the only page I can find is a cached page where the Martin moderator recommends that the MAC is taken for a service. I would rather fix this issue myself.




Any Ideas?

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The diode transil across then Full wave rectifier has most likely blown then, replace this and the unit will stop blowing fuses.


Its TZ601 and its rated at 27V.


You could remove it completely from the circuit to make the PCB work but then you lose the safety feature this diode provides, best off replacing it.


Also make sure the unit is tapped correctly and the voltages being recieved on the main PCB arn't high. Compare them with another MAC 250 you have there... Too high voltages will make then diodes blow.

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