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High End Studio Colour 575


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Ive been trying to fix a High End Studio Colour 575 and I'm getting no where, when I plug it in nothing happens I get the 5v led light on the front and the motors led lights up I think, I don't have it to hand so cant remember the exact LED's. Then nothing happens, it doesn't make any noises, the LED screen doesn't come on, the lamp doesn't ignite and the head doesn't move. I have opened it up and everything seems fine, I have read about changing the 5V regulator so did that and nothing. I also heard about the crystal being faulty or needing replaced but cant get it off the PCB with it being an SMD, is it possible its the crystal and is there a way to check without having to purchase a SMD rework station? Obviously buying a SMD solder station would be cheaper than a new moving head but don't want to waste my money and not get anywhere.


Does anyone have any more ideas?


Cheers :)

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