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Rigging at 45 degrees to a vertical


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Hi there,


I have conducted a search of the forum to no avail.


Apologies for apparent n00b question.


I am intending to rig sunstrips at 45 degrees to a vertical scaff pole. Could you please advise as to the correct rigging methods to achieve this? I have run a few options through in theory, but I can't work out how to make it fixed, or how this would be accomplished.


Many thanks in advance

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I think some more explanation could be in order... 45 degrees in what axis?


Do you mean, leaning forward away, so the back of the sunstrip is nearer at the bottom than the top? Or leaning sideways, so the side of the sunstrip is nearer at the bottom than the top?


Sideways is quite easy, loosen the coupler on one end and it will swivel, then the top end you'll need to probably add another short section of scaff in - with a swivel, to attach to the top.


If it's leaning forward, I would mount the sunstrip to the side of the scaff bar, then rotate the unit through 90 degrees to face forward, then do the above. The only compromise here is that the sunstrip won't be in the centre of the scaff, and thus won't hide the scaff. It'll sit off to one side. To face forward, without going to one side, you'll need to get a bit more adventurous with the application of scaff and swivels!

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