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Countdown timer program required


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A client of ours is opening a new branch and wanting to project a countdown on the premises, in a similar style to the many clocks that counted down to the start of the Olympics last summer.


The size of the piece means that projection is the only sensible way to do it (they want it to be visible from a nearby railway line). So I'm looking for a program that can generate the countdown display, ideally showing days, hours, and minutes. We will definitely need to include the client's logo and maybe some other text.


I can think of a few ugly ways to hack something together but I figure it's the sort of thing that a solution will exist for already. So far googling hasn't got me very far. Has anyone got something they can recommend? The other thing I'd want to know about is the long term reliability, if this thing is left running for weeks on end, will it work consistently without crashing / needing reset? We have both Mac and PC computers that we could dedicate to the task, so the software could be on either platform.

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