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Dry ice - substitute


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Evening all



I'm looking at purchasing one or two heavy/low fog machines (the ones that you use ice in a forward trough to chill the smoke) as a cheaper and less hassle way of doing the pea soup effect. What are peoples experiences? which are the best ones and how long can you run the effect for? How quickly does the carpet of fog disappear? Has anyone used the American DJ Mister Kool? are these worth buying or are they a waste of time. I have used the Le Maître Dry Ice machines in the past so this is my bench mark.


Thanks to all who can advise.

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I can recommend the DNG-100 low fog chiller; although it's not an all in one solution. The DNG-100 just acts as the fridge - you need to have a smoke machine pumping smoke (low fog fluid ideally) into it. However the ducting option means both machines can be placed a long way away and the low fog ducted in.
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