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Spirit Powerstation 600


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I am looking at a Spirit Powerstation 600 which currently has a fault, audio going out of the desk via the NL4's works on both however the level of audio coming from the left hand side is that of a 1/4 of the right hand side.


I have narrowed down the fault to the amplifier that is built in, I have tested the additional outputs via another amp and both outputs are identical.


Is there anyway of being able to narrow down the fault and hopefully repair.


I appreciate any response on this topic.


Many Thanks


Ian Reeves

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I seem to remember these use a insert jack style switching contact socket to enable hacking the signal in or out between main outs and the amplifier ins. I suspect that the switching contacts in the this socket are dirty.

Have you tried hard patching main out to amp in with a jack lead?

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Incidentally I spent two days of my Y10 work experience making Powerstations at the Potters Bar factory. It was enough to persuade me never to do assembly line work, and get the grades needed to enable that vision.


The line out is after the main insert, but there is a main out and amp in with switching contacts, that allow you, for instance, to feed the auxes to the onboard amp while sending LR to a bigger system.

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