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Martin 918 wiring


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I've had a quick look into one of the six 918s I've got in for repair and I can't quite work out where the Hall sensor wiring loom is supposed to go. There's a six-pin loom from the motherboard to a small PCB next to the colour wheels, and another six-pin loom from this board to the colour wheel/fixed gobo wheel Hall sensors. There's another 6 way connector on the PCB, half of which is connected to the Hall sensor for the gobo rotation via a 3 pin loom.


The thing I'm having trouble with is that there is another 3 pin loom not connected to anything. Is it meant to be there, as I've taken the colour and gobo modules out and I can't see anywhere for it to go? There's clear evidence that someone has taken the units apart some time before I bought them. Am I missing a Hall sensor from somewhere, maybe the prism, iris or focus? Or is the six pin breakout PCB just a stock Martin part and the 918s don't use all of the ways on it? If its the latter I wouldn't be surprised. Whoever had the unit apart before me replaced the six pin sensor loom from the motherboard, but didn't take the old one out. They might have done the same thing with the 3 pin loom.

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I think each of the 2 sensor circuits does two jobs, one of the hall effect sensor cards has two hall effect senders on so I think is why you have 3 headers empty which will be correct.

The PCB on the body next to the colour wheels is just a jumper card allowing two lots of sensors to connect to each sensor circuit.

Going by the instruction manual errors the four hall effect sensors are on the Colour wheel 1, Colour wheel 2, Fixed gobo and rotating gobo.

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