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Has anyone had any problems with hyper deck studio pros corrupting files or suddenly stopping recording and record lights flashing quickly? I spoke to BM and they just recommended a firmware upgrade (now on the latest 4.2) I use the recommended scandisk extreme 480gb. It just happens every so often on site. I am recording in pro res 422 and have been formatting in ex fat, however mac journaled I believe might be more stable. I cant re create this fault if I try, but I get reports of dead files on site more often than not.


Also I have just had a report that my shuttle just stopped recording yesterday. Same firmware and faultless in the warehouse. I am aware of an older issue with these units where they would stop at 1hr 12mins, but that was a year ago and subsequent firmware upgrades have apparently cured this.


I know have pm's running for dsr45's.


Anyone have any ideas???

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