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Tracking, Non Tracking and Tagging

Craig A

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If you want to learn more about programming, then this book would be a great one for you.





It covers everything you would need to know across all levels.


That's great, thanks. Does it focus mainly on moving lights or does it generally cover programming as a whole? (Thinking about a reference point for absolute beginners)

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For completeness to answer some of the queries that came up within this topic, the "original" Frog series of Zero88 desks (Frog, FatFrog, LeapFrog, BullFrog, MamboFrog) had tracking functionality introduced in software version 10.8, although you'd be advised to use the latest (well 2009!) 10.12 version for the best tracking functionality. Also you can do a "Save All" (save all generic channels and fixture parameters regardless of tag state), using WheelGroup+Program (in later software the WheelGroup button changed into a "shift key" type function).



See the release notes for a full description: http://zero88.com/su...tachment/56/554



10.12 software available from here (it was released in 2009) http://zero88.com/su...ttachment/56/54





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