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Sennheiser G4 Release Date


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I'm looking at updating my radio mics as I still have the original G1 series.


I've been looking at the Sennheiser G3 range but these have been around since 2009 and I don't want to change them if a new model is just around the corner.


Also I have noticed that they are now giving away an E835 wired mic with every G3 radio mic purchased which makes me think they want to shift the old stock.

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Sennheiser have just (this week) announced a series of offers applicable across their product ranges. This is about promotions rather than selling off stock.


There was no hint of 'g4' from a sennheiser rep two days ago, just words of advice, stay legal and get a licence!


We (Enlightened) are running the sennheiser promotions, get in touch for a quote.


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