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Digital alternative to carbon paper

Graham the lampie

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Morning Blue Roomers,


I along with a colleague have recently developed a new high tech android based app that mimics A4 Carbon / NCR paper which is also a fully fledges operations system with administrator console. Basically any A4 tear off carbon paper white/yellow/pink system can be replaced with pdf's be paperless and instant.


  • Uses an Android mobile or a tablet
  • Paperless
  • Works without signal
  • Can be made to adopt to any tear of white/yellow/pink carbon paper
  • Takes customer signatures
  • Can respond and take pushes from a server
  • Auditable and integrates with your system
  • Fully dynamic fields that can work with an existing ODBC database to be downloadable as a spread sheet or be useable within the fully formed operations system


Is this of interest to any of you? If so please PM me with a email address and I can forward details with links to a demo.


Hope to hear from you soon,


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