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Baluns & Cat5 wiring - unterminated splits?


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Afternoon all


We have CAT5 ties around our venue which are used with Muxlab passive composite over CAT5 baluns.

I am looking to put in some more ties to give CAT5 ties on our SM desk to add an easy way of having a composite monitor on the SM desk.


The problem is the SM desk plugs in with a multipole connector in a few different places, and the cabling (for paging switching & audio) is just paralleled between these places.


If I parallel & loop round with CAT5 cable, are the unterminated loops in the unused positions likely to cause any reflection problems when used with the passive baluns?


I appreciate this may not work with Ethernet over the CAT5 ties (I assume there'd be reflection problems as in an unterminated DMX split?) but are baluns more robust?


Thanks in advance

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