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Plasma Trolleys


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We have Chief Manufacturing PF-CUB trolleys for our 50" plasmas.

The plasmas are paired in conventional flightcases, however we're after a neat solution to case the trolleys (in pairs, as rarely do odd numbers of plasmas go out)

The wheeled base separates easily from the column (4 x bolts = ~2 minutes) leaving two assembled parts, that we don't want to break down further, i.e. the wheeled base H-section and the column with mounting plate attached.

Am looking for casing ideas whilst minimising the physical size of the thing. I'm sure others must have tackled this & am interested in what you've come up with. Photos would be great!

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Some sort of padded bag might work better than a rigid case?


The drawback with a rigid flightcase is the amount of wasted space inside, my hunch is that you'd end up with something almost as large as the plasma case itself. One of the advantages of keeping items like this loose is that they can be laid on top of other cases in the pack. Unless your crew are very rough decent bags would be all you'd need for protection.

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