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Shure SM Digital Radio Mics

Peter F

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I am looking for a new radio mic with a straight 58 capsule.


Has anyone on here used the Shure SM Digital series? If so, how have you found them?

Audio quality, build quality, RF performance, etc...


Shure SM Digital


Note, these are not the ULX-D mics. The SM Digital ones operate in 2.4GHz which makes them attractive to an artist working internationally.





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2.4GHz is the WiFi frequency which is also what Wireless DMX transmitters use.

If there is heavy WiFi usage, you may have problems.

Wireless DMX really disrupts anything else on that band when it is used (even WiFi), so if you are at an event and the lighting are using a WDMX unit, be warned, you might have problems.


Thank you.


I am looking for details of users experience of this specific product, not a generalised discussion about 2.4GHz users.



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