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Jands Vista - Weird Colour scheme


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Jands Vista 2 - S3 consol:


I opened Vista (on the PC) to find there was an old version of the software installed (Oct 2012 from memory)


The colour scheme was all weird and lighter grey (like the screen grabs from the manual) but loads of colours had been changed so you couldn't read text because of bad contrasts and things like that.


I re loaded the latest software version, May 2013 but the colours stayed the same. I found the windows themes option and reloaded the default 'dark' settings but the weird custom colours stayed.


I exported the default file from a different laptop as I thought maybe someone had saved over the original default file but nothing.


I then went through, expanded all the categories in the custom colour window and manually set each colour to 'default' which changed the colours but not to the default ones. There were still contrast problems and horrible unusable clashing colours.


Any ideas? I'll probably get this desk back at some point and want to easily restore the full default colour scheme.





In the interest of giving something back....

Here are just a few of my JV Busking tips


Chuck groups on to faders: then you can flash those fixtures but also select them to apply live attributes/FX

Patch hazers/fans/smoke as dimmers, group them, then you can use the group intensity to fire them as above


This is also very useful when programming as the values are not 'live' (in the programmer) so it is good to use house lights in this way as well.

Then you don't get house LX and Haze stuck in cues and 'tinghttp://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif








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Hi James,


You are certainly on the right track. It sounds like your PC is not referencing the correct Vista theme. Please try the following :

Open the Windows themes pop up window.

Press "load".

This should open the C:\\My documents\Vista Data\ Themes directory.

Select the "NightOwl.bvt" file ( This is Vista 2s default believe it or not ),

Press "open."

Press "apply"

Press "ok"


This should hopefully have solved the problem for you.

Please drop me an email at Jack.moorhouse@ac-et.com if you are still having issues and I will manually send you the theme file. Alternativly give me a call and I will be more than happy to talk you through it and any more troubleshooting required.


Best regards,


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Hi James,


You are very welcome. Glad you got it all sorted.

For your info - I have passed on your suggestion to the development team in Australia. I too personally believe that we should have an indication that this is the default colour theme.


Best regards,


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