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Looking for 2D Virtual fixture software for outputting to LED screens


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Hi guys,


I am on the look out for some software , I will summarise what I anticipate it to do and hopefully if anyone knows of what it is I am looking for they could let me know if it exsists!


So I am after a real time vector based software environment for creating virtual lighting fixtures which can be art net controlled and then output via a machines screen O/P which is mapped an LED screen. this would all you to draw the fixtures and configure their attributes whilst doing so.


I have currently been using Adobe after effects to create content that I am after such as virtual sunstrips but obviously this requires rendering out pre designed clips and with no room for adjustment and no control, just playing out via catalyst.


I suppose visulisation software could be used and the grand MAs visulisation element almost does the job but is obviously not designed for this sort of thing. I would litraly like the ability to draw a 2D shape on a 2D canvas and be able to address that shape and control RGB values of it. The next step would obviously be to be able to control orientation, position scale etc and this could be achieved in catalyst using layers but this seems rather cumbersome.


I look forwards to your comments, suggestions and Ideas.

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