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Hog 2 to Hog 4 manual conversion HELP with Macros

Richard CSL

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Hi All, I have been tasked with converting a hog 2 show manually into a hog 4 show, as the customer is purchasing a newer console, OK so High end can not convert the files, or are not willing as in the past this has led to problems as the operating system is very different.


So I have a control cue list on page 1. this control stack has 460 cues, so far I have transferred the time code and the cue names only and created 460 blank cues.

So my problem is on the hog 2 there are macros. in the following format.



I wish to understand the difference between a single forward arrow and a double forward arrow.

I have some letters upper case such as L H and I

and some lower case l I. so the L and the I appear the same in different cases....help

and how do I view the cue numbers in Hog 2?


I have also found a cue stack with 360 cues all midi time coded for the conventionals and colour scrollers. so loads of data entry but again only blank cues until I get into the theatre. In 3 weeks time.


As always greatly appreciate the help as I am a fairly well trained MQ user and this Hog stuff is very different.

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