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Smoke Machine for use with an express


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Any Smoke machines out there (Prefreably inexpensive)


That Could be used via 5 pin DMX and hooked up to a ETC Express 24 running Expression?



Any DMX smoke machine will be able to be controlled via the ETC Express. The cheeper ones tend to have 3pin XLRs but you can make or buy a 5>3 converter. What is your idea of cheep? and how powerful?



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Any smoke machine with a DMX input will be happy in that situation - they don't know what desk it is that's sending them the instructions ;). Just make sure you read the manual - some machines have a single channel for smoke level (just push the channel up and smoke comes out) ; but some (usually more high-end) machines have two - one to set the smoke level and a 'trigger' channel, which both have to be up for smoke to be produced.
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