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Like Ben says, you have to use the Jands USB/XLR adapter, or you can use any ArtNet / Pathport node.


One thing to keep in mind though, is that you will also need a channel dongle to output continuously. You can get output from the Vista software without the dongle, but every 5 minutes or so it will put all channels at 0% to prevent people from using it without a license.









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You have to use the official Jands USB -> DMX adapter, or if you have a Jands Wing you can use the outputs on that.





Hi Theo,


Ben is correct, you have to use the Jands UD512 usb to DMX adaptor. It is also important to note that on top of this you would also have to have a Jands Vista Channel dongle ( of varying sizes depending on the size of shows you need to run ).

Most people tend to purchase an M1 controller and 512 dongle Kit as this is the same price as the UD512 + dongle but gives you a physical fader wing and TWO 5 pin DMX outputs.


Jands Vista software on PC or Mac can also be used with any sACN, Pathport, or Artnet device via your computers Ethernet port. You do not have to buy any specific Jands hardware when doing this but you would still need the channel dongle connected to your PC.


Let me know if you have any further questions or if you would like to demo/trial the M1 setup.


Best regards.


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