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Kask Super Plasma Helmets


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So Ive come across these Kask Helmets and wondered what others thoughts are on them.



They seem like an absolute steal on eBay currently .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kask-SUPER-Plasma-Rock-Climbing-Helmet-EN12492-/281137525831?pt=UK_Sporting_Goods_Climbing_Mountaineering&hash=item41751a3447


As far as I can tell from the Kask website, they meet CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492. Is there anything else I should be aware of?



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I use a Kask Plasma, and it's excellent. It seems to be a Plasma pictured in that ebay listing, I think the "Super Plasma" is a slightly different helmet.


I don't think you can get a helmet that fully complies with both CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492, because the requirements for the chin strap are mutually exclusive. (EN397 requires the strap to break below a certain load, so it can't strangle you. EN12492 requires it not to break at a (higher) certain load, so that it'll stay on your head as you're bouncing down a mountain side.) The two standards are broadly equivalent as far as protection from falling objects is concerned. If it's important to you to get a helmet that complies with EN397 I think its the plain "Plasma" you'll be wanting.

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