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Chamsys: release steps 1 step


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I'm running a theatre type stack and was hoping to do blackouts between cues manually by bringing the playback fader down and up again to the next cue.


I thought that the setting "release steps 1 step" would be very handy for this but it always seems to come back up to the same state, even though the highlight bar in the stack window moves to the next cue, and shows "complete". It seems always to output the cue before the one where the highlight bar sits. I have set "release resets to first step" to off.


Also setting a release time other than zero seems to stop it stepping on altogether.


Any ideas out there?






ps Magicq PC v with PC wing

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I would say that the very first and most basic step is that you switch to the latest stable release ( so that if what you describe is a bug it may be gone.


It could of course also be that the behvior you expect is under some different feature, maybe if I have time later I'll try on my console (I generally use cue timings these days, worst that can happen is I have to hit pause very fast).

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I've now updated to and it still does the same thing...


When you bring the playback fader down it releases the stack but the red highlight stays on the same cue. Immediately you raise the fader the highlight moves to the next cue but it outputs the same state as you've just faded out. Subsequent lowering and raising the fader the moves the highlight bar as you raise it, and outputs the next cue i.e. the one before the highlight bar.


It seems to be trying to step on activation rather than release, but not quite making it.


It still may be that I have a setting wrong bit I'll log it on the bugtracker when I get a mo.


ps this time I'm not in the theatre so was was trying it with Vis but hopefully that's valid

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Just a suggestion but if you want to do your fade outs manually like this (and to be honest I can't think of any reason why you would) could you not use the grand master instead of the cue stack fader then hit the GO button when in blackout?


The reason the cue stack is not advancing until you push the fader up is that part of playing the cue is the fade in time. Is the fade in time at 0 seconds? I just tried on my console and with a fade time of 0 and the cues change instantly

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I don't know why but blackouts always seem to me to feel better when done on a fader rather than a pre set fade time. It may just be psychological but I can never seem to get the fade time/curve exactly right for every performance.


Probably just me being precious!


I've now logged this on the bugtracker.

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