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unique hazer again


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So I have a unique hazer and had nothing but problems with it,recently it had a problem with the air pump and would spit out the pipe to it resulting in the whole insides of the machine getting destroyed.


last week it happened again and I noticed that the pump was not working so I ordered a replacement elite 800 pump, and this morning went to put it in,


after only about 10 to 15 min use the new pump stopped working so I removed it from the machine to test it and that one is also dead.


So the question is, are the air pumps useless or should I just get a new hazer.



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We had similar problems, kept failing which is crap in a nightclub. From what I remember it has to do with the fluid. The cheaper models clog up much quicker and even regular cleaning didn't really help. In the end....new hazer!
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