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Behringer Powerplay P16 - Our first try out with it.


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For anyone who is interested, we used our Powerplay P16 system this Sunday for the first time.


We used 12 channels; keys (4 ch), electric guitar, bass, 5 vocals, plus a single mono channel for drums (mixed down on a 4 channel mixer to emulate a submix from a FOH aux). Normally we'd use 3 more but we got bored setting it all up and wanted to play so just used the 12 today :-)


Spent quite a while setting it all up but the results were very good indeed. Everyone said it was the best monitor mix they'd ever had!


The audio quality from the Behringers is surprisingly good, and goes pretty loud if required, although any channel input overload, even a glimpse of a single yellow led, produced distortion, so something there to watch out for.


Everyone used either their own in-ears or headphones although we do all intend to use iems when everyone has bought something.


We have it all set up so that it will be the same wherever and whatever we play. Our monitor rack is now kitted out with DI boxes and XLR splitters so that FOH can take feeds from the rack except for the drum kit as the Behringer doesn't have enough inputs for us to accommodate a fully miked up kit, so we'll just take a submix for the drums from FOH.


We went for the "silent stage" approach, bass DI'd straight in (no amp) and my guitar amp cab in another room miked up and covered in a rug! So only the drums producing any noise.


Regards all

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