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Staging, Trussing, Rigging & Motors Course

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With ever increasing artistic demands, creative concepts require complex staging responses. From looking at standard layouts and practices in temporary staging, to understanding the possibilities that equipment suspension and stage automation offer, this Staging, Trussing, Rigging and Motors course is designed to give you a good understanding of the processes that make up modern staging.


The course takes place at BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® in South Kirkby, Wakefield, West Yorkshire in the North of the UK. The ACADEMY is based at the famous LS-Live rehearsal studios where many of the world's leading productions take shape and test their technology and shows before they go on tour or to an event. Parts of the course will be delivered in LS-Live's 17,664 sq ft rehearsal arena and students may even get to do work experience building stages and stage sets for some of the productions that come through.


LS-Live is one of the event industry's leading suppliers of stage set design and build, with a vast stock of stage and automation equipment, so students will have access to a real working environment in which to learn.


Subjects covered in the Staging, Trussing, Rigging and Motors course are;


  • Temporary stage systems – How to plan, install and operate a range of staging systems, including looking at basic load calculations and relevant safety standards.
  • Finishes – Scenic finishes and flooring for events.
  • Rigging – Rigging hardware, truss theory, bridles, knots and truss slinging are just some of the subjects covered in this two day rigging course.
  • Motors & hoists – An overview of the types of motors and hoists available, their applications and safe usage.
  • CAD – From creating a 2D scaled stage plan, to basics of rendering photo quality images of your stage design.
  • Industry standard Certification:
    Rosco Scenic Paint & Coatings
    BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® certificates in:
    Motors and Hoists introduction

More information can be found here http://www.backstage...ging-and-motors


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