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Live Sound Course

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Live performance and events frequently rely upon high quality sound to engage with the audience, or to deliver a message or emotion. In a world where access to a range of digital audio is commonplace, this Live Sound course's primary aim is to revert back to traditional skills – that of listening, judging sound quality and working in a collaborative manner with performers and environments.


The Live Sound course takes place at BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® in South Kirkby, Wakefield, West Yorkshire in the North of the UK. It's based at the famous LS-Live rehearsal studios where some of the world's leading music, TV and film productions test their equipment, rehearse their shows and film. Students will have access to a band rehearsal room, modern classrooms and an Apple Authorised Training Centre in which to learn.


During the Live Sound course, you will look at;



1. What is sound? - How do we hear sound, the theory of sound and the art of sound.



2. Basic sound system principles – What is a sound system's role in the event? What equipment should it contain to deliver client expectations, and how can we install a safe sound system for performers and our audiences?



3. Sound equipment – A look at the building blocks and interconnects that form a modern sound system – from microphones to loudspeakers an overview of the latest developments.



4. Recording the performance – How to use the industry standard Pro Tools audio recording software and a look at how bands and their record labels are maximising income from the growing interest in live performance.


Industry Standard Certification included in the course:


Pro Tools 101



More information can be found here http://www.backstage...tion/live-sound

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