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Ion trigger cues by time


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I haven't used an ION for a while, but I believe you have to enable the real time clock in setup first? Then you can set time of day for a cue to run on the show control display.


Just had a look in my manual (which is not bang up to date) but shows this example:


Define the Time and Data for each event.

<Event> [1] [Time] [1] [5] [0] [0] {Days} {Mon} {Wed} {Fri} [Enter] sets the time for 3:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

<Event> [2] [Time] {Before Sunset} [3] [0] {Days} [1] [+] [2] [+] [3] [+] [6] [Enter] sets the time for 30 minutes before sunset.

<Event> [3] [Time] {After Sunrise} [6] [0] {Date} [3] [0] {Month} [1] [0] {Year} [2] [0] [0] [8] [Enter] sets the time for an hour after sunrise on October 30, 2008.


<Event> [3] [Cue] [1][2] [Enter] Creating the action for each event is the same as Time Code


Hopefully this will jog some memories if I haven't got it quite right.



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