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Chamsys programming question


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Hi all,


Was using a Hog this weekend at a festival and the chap on site had a pretty nifty set up for selecting groups of heads - something I'd like to try and emulate on Chamsys, but not sure how to...


It was set up like this - Playback 1 does intensity of group 1, Playback 2 does intensity of group 2. There were two cue stacks so Playback 1 Cue 1 would be Odds, Playback 2 Cue 1 would be Evens, Playback 1 Cue 2 would be Left, Playback 2 Cue 2 would be Right etc. So far so good.


He then had it set up so that if you hit "Play" on Playback 1 it would send a macro to Playback 2 to make that change as well. Is there a way to set this up? Also every time I press "Play" it plays the cue and brings the recorded intensities within the cue to 100%.


So ideally what would happen is...


Press "play" on Playback 1, it changes selection of heads on Playback 1 and Playback 2 without sending intensity information - that's only on the fader and flash buttons.



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Select 1st playback - Playback options - Advanced- Sync Next Playback to this one - Set to Yes


You can then create a step macro. Record Macro - Select Playback - press step key - Stop Macro. then assign this to the go button. Repeat for both faders and step back.


Hope this helps

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