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Chamsys Zones

Matt Riley

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Hi all,


To add to my barrage of questions this evening, I've got two spaces, both of which run Chamsys at the moment. The main hall is currently set up with a touchscreen, 3 universe Chamsys artnet interface and a PCwing/extra wing as needed. The foyer area has a load of LEDs for atmospheric lighting, and these currently use another computer with the £60 magicdmx interface for control.


I was wondering whether, by using zones, the Chamsys Artnet interface (which would remain in use for the main hall, but still resides on the same network as the second PC) could be used to unlock the second Chamsys install so we could use the execute window properly. Also whether we could change to run the LEDs off an inexpensive artnet interface so that the main hall lighting console could control the whole lot when desired?

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Hi Matt,


The 3 Universe Ethernet to DMX interface doesn't unlock MagicQ from demo mode to allow advanced features as below.

However the newer SnakeSys B4 Ethernet - DMX interface, will unlock MagicQ from demo mode when connected to a PC system via Ethernet.


So if you were looking for another Art-net out interface the SnakeSys B4 would do this for you as well as unlocking magicQ from 'Demo mode'


Hope this helps.





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Hi James,


Is there any way of supporting current users of the 3 universe interface by releasing a firmware upgrade to allow them to access this feature? Does the B4 only unlock one Chamsys PC or would it unlock all of the ones on the network?

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