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Looking for Radian parts


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Hi folks,


I've got a relatively urgent need for some Radian drivers. The precise model is the 745DPB, as featured here.


I could buy directly from the US, but unless I fork out to have it sent by air, it'll be weeks before it arrives. I've been looking for a more local stockist. LMC were my first port of call, but they don't have stock. They can order them in, but will take 8 weeks as they want to wait until there's a worthwhile quantity to bring a shipment over. It's a similar story from Thomann, who also said 8 weeks, and the Dutch distributor, Holland Audio Import.


I was wondering if anyone knows of any Radian dealers / distributors who might be carrying stock. I figure somewhere within Europe will be less time and hassle than importing from the US.


P.S. There are two versions of this driver, one takes spade terminals, and the version I linked to uses push button terminals for bare wire ends. Either would be fine for this application.

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