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Hiring Source 4 EDLT


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Does anyone know of any companies that hold EDLT tubes in hire stock?

I'm trying to get hold of a single 50 degree tube for a fortnight from the 15th July for our graduation ceremonies, but none of my usual sources seem to have them. We've tried both Whitelight and Stage Electrics as well as a bunch of local companies down here, so I'm hoping someone has them somewhere.



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I reckon you would get stuffed on the carriage. The only place that I have seen 50 degree EDLT's is at Curve in Leicester. I am sure that places like ROH and The Colly would have them if it is possible to tap up a contact.


I would seriously consider buying the lens as an option, as it may be difficult to hire. 36 degree EDLT's would be the obvious choice for a hire company to have due to the atrocious optics of the standard 36 degree. The standard 50 degree lens has a single lens, and therefore suffers less from the aberrations that a double lens tube will. It is therefore trickier to justify the expense of a lens that will only provide a slightly better image.


If the use of this lens is critical, then purchase may be the only option.

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