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Community Event Guide

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Kindly contributed by Kerry Davies.


This guide will need updating from time to time as legislation or other components change.


Moderation: We would appreciate comments and suggestions for future updates. We don't expect to do this continually, for obvious reasons, but we will compile any information, and then do periodic updates as required. Please PM me with suggestions, and as it's such a large document, please point me to the right section. Paul mods



Community Event Guide


Community based outdoor events are cultural and leisure activities that can add to the quality of life for any community and should provide enjoyment and fun for everyone involved. Coming together to celebrate has been an important part of social life throughout human history and should be encouraged wherever opportunities arise. Celebrations must , however, pay due regard to every member of the community which means that events must not only be aware of local desires and feelings but must always be undertaken with safety and consideration in mind.



This guide has been put together for those new to events organisation and as a checklist for professionals to make sure that all organisers hold safe and successful events.



Event Guide.pdf

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Kerry advises that has been a change to the terms listed in the guide on page 21 of the PDF file.


The new details are:


Events can now last for up to 168 hours (7 days).


The total number of aggregate days per calendar year is now 21 (12 TEN applications per year stays the same).

‘Late’ notices can now be served – these can be submitted giving no later than 5 working days and no earlier that 9 working days before the event. Any TEN served giving less than 5 working days will automatically be rejected. Restrictions do apply to this - Personal Licence Holders are only allowed to apply for 10 late notices and non Personal Licence Holders are only allowed to apply for 2. Late notices still count towards the total number of TENs/Days for that premises for the year.

A copy of the TEN must also be submitted to Environmental Health (as well as Licensing and the Police).


The Temporary Event Notice has also been changed and any Notices downloaded before the 25 April 2012 will no longer be valid and should not be used.

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