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Martin W8C replacement midrange driver?

Hasse Queisser

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It's a PHL. As far as I'm aware its NOT a stock PHL driver although there are a couple of models close to it I believe. There is no recone kit available from what Martin told me some years ago when I used W8 however I have had some success in the W3 and the current owner of the W8 system I used to have has also had success with very accurate aftermarket recone kits.


The drivers are around £130 exc vat I believe and are still current.



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Hi Rob,


Thanks for the info. I knew there were no recone kits from Martin, but I'll check with my recone guy about any aftermarket kits that are good enough. If you still have any info on those, anything would be appreciated.


Otherwise I'll just fork out for new drivers. They are a bit pricy, but I'm not going to try something that "almost fits".


/ Hasse

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