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Martin Freekie + Midi Control


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Hi all, bit of a DMX noob here with a question regarding the Martin Freekie and using it with a MIDI controller. More precisely the Akai MPD26.


I've recently bought a complete setup including the controller and Freekie for use with six Martin Mac 250+'s as well as a hazer, 2 strobes and 1 laser (the fixtures I've had a while on my Showtec pro136) and am having trouble setting up the midi controller to work with the desk. Question is, do the standard MIDI messages out work immediately or would I have to translate (if that's the correct phrase) them into specific MIDI notes?


I have setup one or two shows already on the desk but cannot seem to get the MIDI controller recognised. The manual really doesn't go into MIDI in depth (was it created with a regular midi keyboard in mind?).


Apologies in advance if there is already a thread on this, my searching has not turned up anything as of yet and youtube really doesn't get anywhere close to helping me.








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