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Trantec S4.5 Internal Wiring


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I am hoping that someone on here will be able to help me. I have a Trantec S4.5 (4500) from a Local school where I work. It's been broken for a number of months, possible a year or so, so I decided it was time to see what was wrong with it! Upon opening it up I have found a Yellow and Black wire soldered to a plate, whilst the yellow one is not soldered to another wire, the black one has been soldered to two other black ones. It looks like it has had an attempted repair in the past. Then, just before the cartridge, one of the two black wires is soldered to another Yellow wire to connect to the cartridge. Now the microphone connects fine to the receiver, but there is never any sound from the microphone. It is not a receiver problem as the reciever works with another one of these mics fine. To show this a bit more clearly, I've attacthed a photo. So basically I want to know what solders where, and if this is currently soldered right or not before I attempt to replace the cartridge. If anyone has another one of these and could post how theirs is wired inside that would be fantastic!




------>>> IMAGE: http://branwal100.weebly.com/___.html

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As you suggest a bodged repair. One of the two black wires needs moving to the pad with the yellow wire. Possibly there are other unseen problems but re-routing that wire will be a step in the right direction.





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I've recently tried a similar repair on a similar microphone, (like yours I had no audio from the microphone, and purchased a new capsule). The microphone Yellow wire should join the solder pad with the Yellow wire. The Black wires one goes to the capsule, whilst the other is connected to a metal ring around the rubber anti-shock rubber mount.

If you unsolder the two Black wires you should be able to pull the rubber mount off, and see where the yellow wire has gone.


Hope this helps


Regards John Mac.

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