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Digital vs Analogue

Paul C

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Hi - need some advice from 'those that know'

I do sound & lights for occasional am dram in village hall. Currently using XP netbook with Multiplay as source (windows 7 laptop as backup) with sometimes 100 cues - mostly effects but some music to sing to. USB out to Behringer U control and optical fibre to Sony 150w AV amp to studiospares 150w installation speakers.

Sound is very good but now have bought radio mike on ebay and want to use it to help solo singers confidence. Question is how to connect it in, need a mixer I guess but should it be USB or do I go back to analogue. Could use DJ mixer but I guess like lighting, the more channels the better so maybe 2 not enough. Not much money so will be searching EBay. Any ideas - maybe something I haven't thought of?



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does your amp have analogue inputs?

If so as your on a budget look for things like a soundcraft notepad, small yamaha mg series, or one of the small beringher mixers.

You see quite a lot of 2 mic channels + a few stereo jack/phono (which should work well with your usb interface) come up on ebay quite cheap.

Then XLR/jack/whatever jumpers needed into analogue inputs of amp.


DJ mixers are generally quite limited in the eq department and less flexible for when you decide in 6 months you want to insert a compressor or eq into the system. or have an aux mix etc. or add a 2nd mic, or effects.

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