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1st light


One of them is not indexing the gobo's the stepper motor wants to like shake unless I send a command from martin light jockey to force it to spin I have tried to fix the dry joints on the Hall Sensor just above the gobo wheel have yet to try swapping wire sets with the color wheel to see if I get the same problem from the wire loom. But if not the wire loom what are the chances I need to replace the stepper motor ?


2nd light


Different mac 250 color wheel spins but will not find home half the time if the Sensor finds the magnet on the color wheel it finds home clears the error but will not give me the right color on the cue. even if it clears the error


*both sensors have been checked for Dry joints.*


3rd light


Mac 250 Krypton works fine runs through the cues as it should but I cant make martin light jockey tell it what to do it wants to go where it wants but knows it should be moving and knows when the cue ends and returns home *I am still using the old school light jockey with the pci card.* and it has no profile for the updated mac 250 just the mac 250 and 250+ maybe this could be the issue or im thinking a setting in the light not responding the the DMX right



Any ideas?



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1st light - If the motor spins freely when the unit is switched off, then the problem is most likely going to be a dying motor driver chip, otherwise its a dying motor. To check if its the driver chip, swap it with a known working one (the colour wheel, for example) and see if the fault follows the chip or stays with the motor. Check the condition of the gobo wheel motor loom before you swap chips around(visually as well as with a meter) to make sure you won't damage the chips.


2nd light - It sounds like the colour wheel has been taken off the motor at some point and not put back in exactly the right place. Mac 250s only check the hall sensors between each step of the motor, so if the magnet is not perfectly aligned the CPU won't detect it passing the sensor. To fix this, loosen the colour wheel on the motor and power up the light, making sure not to strike the lamp! Once its reset, take the top cover off the head and turn the colour wheel until the magnet is lined up with the sensor. Tighten the colour wheel onto the motor and reset the light to see if the colour wheel 'homes' correctly.


3rd light - No idea I'm afraid. Sorry :) Try updating your software, or give MagicQ a look

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ok ill give that a try and see where I end up and im the process of updating to martin light jockey 2 with usb control but they want an arm and leg for the one key but I have so many programs built into it I use every weekend im scared to change software.ill let you know if that fixes the other two lights :)
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