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Hi There,


Got the magicQ remote working on my ipad mini but cant seem to get the wheels to switch to pan tilt or gobo functionality?


Im able to do: Select group, Change color...


It seems that the two important wheels X and Y are not working or present...


Hope someone can help...



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Once you select some fixtures using the group Window for example.

You can then to the 'Focus' Window and using the Bank button on this screen will allow you to change function.


Let me know if you have any further problems.



Hi James,


Thanks for the reply. Got the app up and running again and am doing some tests. Im presuming you mean the buttons such as grp, int, fx pos, Col & Beam by bank button?


Let me clarify: I believe that the x and y wheels should appear in the center below where the color picker is located when the pos button is pressed right? I saw this in a tutorial. However the color picker does not change to the two principal wheels when I hit the pan tilt button...Only the F wheel changes to pan tilt speed.


Hope this makes sense...

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Found the problem!


Reinstalled all my previously bought apps automatically on my new ipad mini. Somehow the v2 of the Chamsys remote app reinstalled did not have the same functionality as the current version. Deleting and reinstalling fixed this...

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