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which projector?


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Now, I know nothing about projectors, but am looking to get a simple set up as we often get asked for projectors and screens.



Can you recommend a good, value for money projector that will be used with an 8 x 6 screen, probably twice a month for showing powerpoint presentations in Hotel Conference rooms.


Most have few or no windows so daylight won't be a problem.



Short throw option would be good



Thanks in advance

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Are those measurements in feet or metres?


If it is feet, then you might want to look at BenQ short throw series. We have them everywhere in our organisation and they are cracking for the price and form factor.


We even use them in our theatre at 2 or 3 times the distance/size and they still hold up pretty well.

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The only thing to watch with short throw is distortion. We have them on interactive boards (mainly Sanyo/Promethean but also some Epsons) which are approx 5ft x 4ft. These are the projectors around then 2k lumen mark and cost £800 - £1k, I have no experience of others so they may not suffer the same.

The distortion generally isn't an issue on a white board in a classroom, but may be if you are projecting on to a 'proper' screen.


It's just something to consider when looking at short throw.


As for normal throw, we have a couple of 4.5k lumen Hitachi's projecting to 8x6 screens, cost around £1k and are fine in all but the brightest and sunniest conditions.


For what you want there is a lot on offer that won't cost the earth.


Of course cost will depend on other factors such as are you just connecting VGA, do you need HDMI / DVI and so on.

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Like Andrew BenQ are good and I would also look at Hitachi or as in my case try the Casio JX-A... LED series which go from 2000 to 3000 lums and

also have a very good zoom ratio, I have these in 65 rooms in my academy and would highly recommend them Link.



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