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Avolites Titan One Dongle


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Hi all,


So I have purchased some new dongles thinking yeah now there is a great idea. However can I get them to work........


Any ideas would be appreciated


I am trying to connect them to a W-Wireless unit so that I can control my Wireless GDS Liteware units and It isn't working. I have patched them, tested on a real desk and the signal is being sent from the transmitter to the units but not with the Dongle plugged in


Please help


Kind Regards



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Have you plugged the dongle output into a wired DMX unit to check that DMX is coming out of it?


Also have a look in the DMX settings screen to make sure that Line 1 is routed to the dongle. I've had some funnies moving a show between the Titan One software and a real console where the DMX output has just been stuck at zero, on checking the DMX settings the lines have not been routed to any output.

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I had a similar problem the first time I got it out the box. The installation can be a bit flakey sometimes, make sure that the tx light is flashing not the rx.If it isn't reinstall the driver and it should sort its self out
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