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Battery powered PAR cans


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Hi all,


I've been wondering if there's an easy way to retrofit a lithium ion battery pack to an LED PAR can to power the unit to make it portable?


I have a load of Lanta PAR64s's which I'd like to modify to use battery power like ADJ's Mega Go Bars and PARs.


All the best,



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From a technology point ot view it's literally as simple as simply connecting the battery, the problems are physics.....


1) there's not usually any empty space inside the cans to mount a battery pack (and you'd have all sorts of balance issues unless you mounted a couple of batteries)

2) battery life - you'd need a battery pack the size of a dinner plate to get a battery life that was actually practical. Realistically you'd be looking at building some sort of floor stand that actually housed all the bateries so that it would be practical.

3) cost - you'll spend more on the battery than the whole LED unit costs new. The cost of wireless battery powered LED cans is coming down significantly; we can't be far off <£50 units coming from china.

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If you require not true portability, but the ability to use the units away from a mains supply, then it might be easier to use a large 12 volt battery and an inverter.

If the inverter ouputs 230/240 volts with a good sine wave then the LED PARs will work just as they do on the mains without any modification.

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