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This section of the Blue Room is dedicated to issues encountered by those starting out in backstage work, be they in schools and colleges or the wide world of amateur dramatics. It's primarily a forum where people can discuss and learn about issues they may encounter for the first time trying to do a professional quality job in an amateur setting. School and Amdram environments often have very different issues to professional venues and this is the place to discuss them.


For any professional (i.e. paid) technicians or school managers working in school or college theatres, it would be better to take a look at joining the Schools Theatre Support Group (see other pinned topic in this forum), who have their own private forum on the Blue Room as well.


So, what are the 'guidelines' for where things now go?...


Any question which is equally relevant to professional theatre will be welcomed in the main fora. For example, even though it referred to a college production...


Which value ND should I use to make a 1.2kW fresnel look similar to a 600W fresnel?


...would be fine in Lighting.


Questions which are not relevant to professional productions, for example, and let's face it professional LDs rarely ask each other how to light a show...


My school/drama group is doing Grease next term - any ideas how to light it?


...should be in this forum.


A more obvious example would be something like...


Does your school allow you up a ladder if you're supervised?


or maybe



Our amateur dramatic group pays musicians but refuses to even pay expenses for technicians. How is this handled in your group?


Either of these might be quite interesting for other members but they're definitely not relevant to the professional areas.


...And, of course, beginner-level technical questions like "could somebody explain how to convert from watts to amps when I'm considering my lighting plot" would also belong here


Beginners will certainly find material interesting and useful in all fora, as would advanced students.


And finally, if you're wondering where the title "Beginners Please" came from, this can be your first piece of homework.


We hope you find the forum useful.


Kind Regards

The Blue Room Admin and Moderation Team.

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