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Welcome to the Research Forum, set up to allow members to make use of the immense intellectual resources present on the Blue Room (that's our members, in other words!) for asking pertinent questions related to genuine academic research.


There are a few guidelines (you may like to think of them as 'rules'), which you are expected to follow in order to generate useful replies:



•We will NOT do your homework/assigment/dissertation for you


•You should tell us what your research is about, what your initial thoughts are, background reading/experiments you have undertaken and why it is you are asking for our help


•You should then tell us what aspect of the project we can help with and what type of help you require.


•You can, if you like, link to an online survey, but bear in mind that most BR members will spot instantly if your survey is set up badly (e.g. asking the wrong types of questions, giving a poor selection of replies, capturing quantitative data when qualitative data would be most appropriate etc.)


•You can also ask for a steer in a particular direction (e.g. "I am looking into people who have set up companies in order to provide equipment to use in their own designs and have come across David Hersey and Howard Eaton so far. Can anyone suggest any others I should also research?"). Note how the example quoted shows the work already undertaken and where the student needs help


•If your topic does not meet these requirements we reserve the right to close and/or delete the thread


One other, and equally important, rule is this:



•If a member does not follow the guidelines above, then the correct way forward is to gently and politely show them where they are going wrong. If they have got it completely wrong then you should use the 'Report' function to alert a moderator. FLAMING AND RUDENESS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.



If everyone follows these guidelines then you will undoubtedly get a lot of people with many years of experience in all areas of backstage technical skills who will be happy to help. Used correctly, this forum could be the difference between a B grade and an A*!


Oh, and don't forget: the Blue Room has about 20,000 members: one of those could be your tutor! Ensure that (s)he would approve of your post.



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