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strand 200 plus and showtec par 56


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Hi there,


We have recently purchased a strand 200 plus for a small venue that has existing showtec par 56s I tried writing suitable fixture description for it but when I try to load it says "null", so I assume I have incorrectly inputed data for the fixture.


Does anyone know what the parameters are for showtec lights, strand dont have it in their list, and when I tried moving led based files from other folders in the strand fixture download to the LEDLIB folder it wasnt having any of it either.


All the best


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When making a fixture profile for the 200+, there are two different edits, one is for Moving Lights and the other is for LED. You will notice when you open the edit program that it will take you into library edit which is for Moving Lights and ML mode. You will notice at the top of program that there is a selection for LED Fixture. If you select that, it will open up a window where you a can make a profile for LED Mode. Try making the Showtech Par 56 in LED Edit and then try patching it into LED Mode and see if you get the same error. Let me know what happens. Thanks.


Matthew Peters,

Strand Lighting Tech Support Specialist

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