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Mac 250 pan error


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Morning all


I am wondering if any one has come across the following problem before as I have reached the limit of my experience.


I have a Mac 250 which send to drift in regards its pan. It starts and resets fine on the limit switch. I have checked the tacho wheel and this looks fine. Optical sensor had been replaced and it is still drifting over time it seems.


I thought that any error in drive would be corrected by the tacho or is that just how it should have been designed :-)


It has intermittently flashed up goer on the display however I am sure that is the gobo wheel and a seperate issue?


Any comments welcomed!



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Its most likely the resistors around the pan drive chip. They are responsible for controlling the current going to the motor, and they do die eventually. This means that the motor will still appear to work, but it will have very little torque. This in turn means that you'll lose steps as it moves, particularly if you try and turn too quickly.


The gobo error might be the result of the cables getting a little melty, and occasionally shorting out. Get this sorted fairly quickly as it will destroy the driver chip.

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