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PLI Insurance - Cover amounts


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Hi all


This is my second post on PLI.


I rang round the brokers yesterday to find out how much it would cost for the band to have PLI and its seems c200ukp is typical for 5 million cover. However one of the other band members has also been doing his own research, ringing around the companies who offer equipment insurance which also includes PLI and we have an anomaly in that PLI only cover tends give cover for 5 million whereas equipment insurance which includes PLI only gives cover for 1-2 million.


I guess the real question is is 1-2 million enough to cover against all eventualities?


My own personal feeling is that probably 1-2 million is not enough these days and wouldn't go far if someone was seriously injured or killed.


Any comments?

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what size venues/crowds?

and what exactly are you doing in these venues, or around the crowds?


the scary truth is, how many people could you potentially kill either directly or indirectly?

and how much damage could you cause to a venue?


1-2 million, can be very low in some circumstances, or reasonable in others depending what involvement your actually having.

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PLI is one of the great mysteries in life....


For the family bigtop hire business most festivals demand we have £10m of PLI - we have structures that regularly hold 3000+ people; if we make a mistake and a tent collapses that £10m isn't going to go very far at all. Yet a small band playing in a pub/club for 100 people are routinely expected to have £5m of PLI even though the likelyhood of anything they do actually injuring anyone is tiny.http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

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