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Showtec Star Sky Pro


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Hi All,


After a bit of last minute advice if anyone can help me out?


I am currently using a Showtec Star Sky Pro Star Cloth with DMX Controller on a production.




While trying to build a fixture profile for the fixture I could only find the DMX Protocol information for the 12 Channel mode and would prefer to use the 24 Channel Mode to allow me to break down sections.


Would anyone know how the channels are assigned in this mode?


Many Thanks in Advanced.



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Basically, there are 8 'strings' of LED's with each one having three channels of DMX controlling Red, Green and Blue. So channels 1-3 are R,G,B for string one, 4-6 are R,G,B for string 2 etc.....


Hope that helps

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Many Thanks! Big help... Was much simpler when I had the cloth with me but I couldn't work out from the documentation if the effects and control channels listed for the 10 channel mode were involved some how.


Thanks Again.

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