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Oil Wheel Gobos


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Does anyone know of a supplier of oil wheels that will fit a standard lantern eg Source 4 with a rotator, rather than having to use a Solar 250 or similar.


Alternatively a source for an oil wheel for a P252/cadenza/tocatta effect projector.



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I spoke to someone from Coemar at PLASA several years back about oil wheel gobos in moving lights (note we're talking about real gobos here, not effects wheels mounted in the gate). Because of the effect of high temperatures on the oils, their solution was to use random sized chips of dichroic filter floating in a single clear, high temperature oil. As this gobo rotated, the chips floated around. Might be worth having a word with someone at their headquarters about this.

Failing that, Rosco (and I think Apollo, although I couldn't see it in a quick check on their website) do gobos made of a mixture of crushed dichroic chips, fixed in place. Combining one of these (in a rotator) with a DHA effects wheel on the front of a profile might give you a usable effect.


(I assume this was purchase, not hire?)

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